Felynes are one of two cat-like, humanoid subspecies of the Lynian race, the other being the Melynx. Felynes are recognized by their white fur and have the ability to talk in human language, and can be found both in human villages (Pokke Village) and in the wild.

Felynes perform a small variety of jobs in villages, from shopkeeping to farm maintenance, but most notably they may work under a hunter as Felyne Chefs or Felyne Comrades. Felyne Chefs cook food for their hunters to support them in their adventures by temporarily bestowing them with beneficial status effects, while Felyne Comrades assist their hunters on quests by using various skills and attacks. They also supply an additional reward at the end of a Quest.


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  • It can be seen here at 0:09-0:11
  • Felyne will follow and 'dance' to your character on Monster Hunter 3 if you have your torch out.

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